Google and Android Apps

Today, Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of the toughest competitors due to its various features and desired results. There is no doubt that the tablets are rapidly becoming the face of the future mobile technology. This causes the professional android app developer to optimize apps for a variety of mobile devices and tablets.

While Apple is using a methodological approach to avoid clutter, Google should also impose some kind of approach for marketing their apps in the Android market. Google should monetize the Android market in such a way that help customers to get rid of tearing into the thousands of apps in the Android Market without knowing which one would fit in their needs & deeds.

However, Google has recently announced an anti-fragmentation tool. Google firmly believes that this tool will definitely help the Android app developer to get rid of this fragmentation issue. This new set of APIs will empower Android app developer to smoothly and quickly create Android apps for multiple devices and apps developed using these APIs will also make the app compatible with the older version of the Android OS as you can read from Gossipfunda tech news portal.

So, does this new anti-fragment tool really help a newbie as well as professional Android app developer to manage and cope up with the fragmentation issue? Well, that remains to be seen in the near future. As of now Android App developers are already suffering from various fragmentation issues with rapidly growing number of Android devices, and tablet apps further fragment the Android market for sure. Best of luck in your next Android App development venture.