Hip Pain Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Hip is a very hard to diagnose because there are many different hip pain causes additionally as of now it is a very common issue. This problem is most common within older people, but sadly it can be an issue for all ages, even children. There are many different hip pain causes, so to receive a proper diagnose a person needs to take all of the symptoms into consideration. By finding the roots of the problem it is easy to find the solution.

Hip Pain Causes


First step should always be to check out the family history and see if someone had a similar problem. This can give a lot of clues on the final diagnose.

Hip Fracture

Symptoms of hip fracture are pain while standing on the leg or while straightening it out or while trying to lift it. A very good sign of hip fracture is when your toes start to appear to be turned out. This problem is very common with older women. Statistically speaking 20% of women older than 65 will have a hip fracture. With age our bone density lowers this causes easier fractures and bone problems.

Arthritis (osteoarthritis)

Pretty much the most common cause of chronic hip pain. A problem mostly for women, but males can be affected also. A good symptom is when the pain is felt in the front of the groin or thigh. This is caused by the swelling in the joint. Arthritis happens when the socket joint begins to become worn out, this is either aging or of abusing the socket joint ex: high impact sports. Pain from arthritis is the worst right after a long inactivity period like sleeping, mostly it gets better when the joint “warms up”


Caused by lifting. Most common within the different sports that’s why it’s also called sport hernia. Pregnant women are also at risk, because of the additional weight. Hernia causes frontal hip pain.

Hip Injury – The pain is felt immediately and should heal up on itself when given time for regeneration and recovery.


Sciatica pain starts from the back around the buttocks area and then moves to the front and side of the hip. This cause is caused by inflammation in the nerves. The pain can be either described as stabbing or burning. Sciatica is one of the most major causes of hip pain and should be immediately diagnosed. The treatment is a surgery, if such steps aren’t taken it can cause harm to the spinal cord. Which sciatica it is difficult to stand up after sitting for a period of time, making full strides when walking, or bending the knee. Hip pain causes

Muscle Issues

Caused by overwork of muscles around the hip and pelvis area. The symptoms are pain and spams. It also causes weakness. This happens when the hamstring or the groin gets injured.

Impact Activities

Many athletes who do high impact sports have reported hip pain issues. Such high impact sports as basketball or football put a huge stress on the hip joint. IF a person has similar issues such sports should be avoided.


Causes a burning sensation on the outside of the hip joint.

Snapping Hip

Most of the time happens when the cartilage or labrum starts to tear or when the deep flexor snaps in front of the hip.

Hip Pain Symptoms

There are many different symptoms of hip issues other than the pain itself. It is crucial to describe the location of the pain, intensity and kind. In addition it is important to report when the pain worsens and when it gets better. Hip pain can be located either on the front near the groin or in the back just above the gluteus maximums (buttock). Hip pain problems can also cause other joints to malfunction for ex: the knee joint or ankle joint.

Limping – The body automatically limps to reduce the pain. Limping minimizes the weight that is being put on the injured joint.

Hip Injury – In such cases the pain is felt immediately. Hip strain or injury can happen by either twisting, stretching or by falling down.

Pain – The pain can be stabbing, burning, chronic etc. It is mandatory to properly describe the pain it can give huge clues onto the roots of the problem.

Weakness – Weakness in the leg, it can be felt when lifting or walking

Numbness – Feeling numbness can indicate a nerve problem. It can be also cause weakness and limping.

Hip Pain Treatments

There are as many treatments as causes of hip pain. To choose the best treatment for the problem it is mandatory to understand the roots of the issue. A person has to take his/her time and make sure what causes the hip pain. The treatments include strengthening leg, lower back and buttocks muscles, let a injury like fracture fully recover or a surgery.

In case of a fracture it is recommended to ice the area of pain and if the pain doesn’t get better within few days it is mandatory to visit a specialist. The treatments depends completely on the diagnose.

Hip Pain Causes Conclusion

If only the pain comes about when doing a certain activity, most of the time it is just enough to stop doing those things. If the problems keeps appearing it is recommended to visit a specialist. Such hip pain causes as hernias or fracture might require an operation or surgical interference. If you find yourself out of form, it is very important to try to lose few pounds. This will not only provide relief, but also stop future issues. It is very important to find the right hip pain causes, additionally if the problem doesn’t stop it is mandatory to visit a specialist.