Online dating temptation

As a Catholic, dating can often lead to situations where there is temptation to follow a path that does not align with your Catholic belief systems. Christians believe that any form of sexual intimacy is not appropriate. Therefore, as you develop a relationship with someone, you will need to stay committed to your beliefs. One of the best ways to stay on track is to take specific steps to avoid temptation. Though never easy, it is always possible to make the right decision. When you do make the right decision, you are committing to yourself and to God to continue to live a Catholic lifestyle.

Tips For Avoiding Temptation

The following are a few tips that you can use today when dating Christian singles. They will help you to avoid situations where you may be in a position to have to choose the right action.

Being physically attracted to someone is natural. While that is true, do take the time before dates to pray for strength to remain committed to God. Avoiding lustful thoughts and actions becomes necessary but prayer can help make it easier.

Go on dates in public places. Avoid any location that allows you to be alone for any length of time. This will help to ensure there is no opportunity for any inappropriate behavior to occur.
Go to restaurants for a meal and for talking. Go to a museum for an afternoon. Go to the movies and make it a comedy or something that is otherwise appropriate. Do a variety of things that do not have any sexual connotations in them. This helps you to avoid the worries of straying from your faithful commitments.

After dating for a few times, invite your date to come to your home and meet your family. Maybe they could hang out with you and your friends for a while. This will help you to have some time together, but with other people there, it helps you to avoid situations that could be problematic. Yet, you can still spend time together and enjoy each other’s company