Airplanes for Sale in South Africa: Your Ultimate Guide

Aircraft for Sale is the premier online destination for buying and selling aircraft in South Africa. If you are an aviation enthusiast or are interested in owning your own aircraft, this website is the perfect place to start your search. From basic ultralight aircraft to sophisticated business jets, you are sure to find your dream plane on this platform.

Types of Aircraft and Aircraft Parts Available

The website has a diverse range of aircraft for sale, including:

  • Single-engine piston aircraft, suitable for recreational flying, aerial work and flight training
  • Multi-engine piston aircraft, designed for longer distances and higher load capacities
  • Turboprop aircraft, offering the perfect balance of performance, efficiency, and operating cost
  • Business jets, ideal for long-range flight with luxurious interiors and advanced avionics
  • Helicopters, providing versatile transportation with the ability to land in confined spaces
  • Light-sport aircraft (LSA), offering affordable ownership and fun flying experiences
  • Gliders and sailplanes, perfect for those who love the serenity of soaring through the skies

In addition to aircraft sales, the website also offers a selection of aircraft parts, making it a one-stop-shop for all your aviation needs.

How to Sell Your Aircraft on Aircraft for Sale

If you own an aircraft and are considering selling it, the platform provides a streamlined process that connects you with potential buyers. Simply create a listing with detailed information about your aircraft, upload high-quality images, and set your asking price. The website will then present your listing to its extensive network of interested buyers.

Popular Aircraft for Sale in South Africa

Some popular airplanes for sale in South Africa include:

  • Cessna 172
  • Cessna 182
  • Cessna 210
  • RV 7
  • RV 10
  • Sling TSi
  • Sling 2
  • Sling 4
  • Beechcraft Bonanza
  • Pilatus PC12
  • Bushbaby Aircraft

These aircraft have been popular due to their reliability, ease of maintenance, and strong resale value.

Finding Your Dream Aircraft

Aircraft for Sale offers a personalized search experience to help you find your dream aircraft. By creating a user account and setting up listing alerts tailored to your preferences, you can track your favorite aircraft or receive notifications when new listings that match your criteria are added.

The website also features an active community of aircraft owners and enthusiasts, who share their experiences and advice on the forums. This wealth of knowledge can guide you in making informed decisions when purchasing an aircraft or searching for parts and accessories.


Aircraft for Sale in South Africa ( is a comprehensive platform for buying and selling aircraft, providing users with an array of options and personalized services. The website’s extensive range of aircraft listings and parts, as well as its knowledgeable community, make it the ultimate destination for aviation enthusiasts in South Africa. Whether you are a seasoned pilot looking for a new challenge, or someone just starting their journey in aviation, Aircraft for Sale will help you find your dream aircraft.

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