What must be considered when uploading pictures to Instagram?

Pictures / videos can only be uploaded via the Instagram app. The employees have to upload them with their smartphones.

But it is especially important for companies to offer high-quality photos. It fits very well that the pictures that are uploaded to Instagram do not necessarily have to have been taken with the smartphone.

This means that professional photos can also be used by photographers on Instagram. All you have to do is transfer the photo to your smartphone and then post it on Instagram.

The image transfer works very well with the various cloud providers, such as GoogleDrive, Dropbox or iCloud.

An important tip : The shortest side of the picture should have a resolution of at least 1080 pixels. Only then is an optimal resolution guaranteed on all devices.

Portrait and landscape on Instagram

Recently, Instagram lifted the square standard. Now images can also be uploaded in the so-called portrait and landscape format.

These innovations give companies as well as influencers and top influencer marketing agencies on Instagram a lot of new possibilities to create creative images and new marketing venues.