Drug Rehabilitation Treatment

Drug Rehabilitation Centers

Finding the right drug rehabilitation program in Los Angeles among the vast arrays of different programs can be difficult and confusing. There are many of drug rehab centers with different philosophies, approaches and methods. It is important to find a comprehensive program for detoxification and drug rehabilitation that matches the addict’s individual needs. This is essential not only for successful treatment, but permanently sustainable recovery.

There are also other factors associated with drug addiction which must be considered when choosing a treatment solution, factors such as mental health, physical health, family, self-esteem, grief, anger, coping ability, financial situation, social situation and duration of the addiction. Each individual has his or her own complex set of issues and concerns that can significantly impact substance abuse problems these factors all play important roles in choosing a drug rehab Los Angeles program.

12 Step Program

This type of drug rehabilitation program encourages addicts to publicly admit their problem and put their faith in a power higher. 12 Step Program believes that addicted individuals are incapable of making any long-term commits to stop abusing alcohol and drugs. The recovering patients try to fight against the struggle one day at a time. Through support and reinforcement at programs like Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), and Cocain Anonymous(CA), addiction can be overcome. The belief in this program is that alcoholism and drug addiction are diseases, that a network of support, education, individual sponsorship, affirmation, and reinforcement will cure.

Bio-Physical Drug Rehab

In this type of drug rehabilitation program, holistic detoxification cleanses the body of dangerous drug particles which accumulate and invade the adipose tissue or fat cells. This accumulation of drug deposits leads to drug cravings, anxiety, and depression, long after the person stops taking drugs. Drug detoxification is done through a strict regimen of vitamins, minerals, combined with physical exercise. When the body is free of the poisons, it no longer craves drugs and has more energy.

After holistic drug detoxification has been achieved, patients start a drug rehabilitation program that focuses on social skills, coping skills, emotional stability, cognitive life skills in addition to behavioral and spiritual aspects of addiction. These topics as well as academic studies and vocational skills are part of eight multi phased comprehensive courses and rigorous testing is required at each level. There is no exact time frame for completion of these drug rehab programs.

Therapeutic Community

Therapeutic Community is a highly structured long-term drug rehabilitation program that heavily focuses on treating the behavioral and socially impaired aspects of the addicts live. Patients are typically drug addicts who have been involved with drug addiction and criminal activity for a long time. Whose social skills have been seriously damaged as a result of their harmful behavior. Therapeutic Community drug rehabilitation centers typically range in length from a one to three year drug rehabilitation programs.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs

Dual Diagnosis drug rehabilitation centers treat patients who are suffering from a psychological condition and an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Chemical imbalances cause psychological conditions that can be treated with medication. If this chemical imbalance is not treated, the individual may experience behavior that leads to alcohol or drug abuse and addiction. The patient’s condition is only worsened and he or she should seek dual diagnosis treatment. The dual diagnosis rehabilitation programs combine several drug treatment methods that depend on the degree of the psychological problem and the type of substances abused.

Religion/Christian Drug Rehabs

These types of drug rehab centers focus on the spiritual components of addiction in an effort to cure. This type of rehabilitation usually undergoes long term inpatient drug rehabilitation facilities. There are strict rules and the patients must obey personal discipline. Individuals attend classes, study groups, services, and counseling.

It is important to find a drug rehabilitation program that is most effective at addressing your particular needs.